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sometimes that thought pops up in my mind. so spontaneous as the the way i am.
out of blue, my mood shifts easily from grief to bliss. i know that game of hormones. i know those persons in me.
my family is always the burden torturing me. i don't know why my mom and bro are making a fuss over a cigarette? they are exaggerating every little thing. no, don't. this world is chaotic enough. why don't they just simplify it?
i hate the way mom showing her long face and my bro acting like a boss and now both of them are doing the exact thing in an excellent way.
my family is the reason why i don't want to have a family. being alone is my dream, maybe with an old cat.

oh man, it's high time. once a month i cry with no reasons. the crazy and haunting game of hormones.